Stevivor went to Los Angeles a fortnight ago to take part in an early Titanfall 2 tech test. As a result, we have direct multiplayer gameplay to share with you.

This time, we present Bounty Hunt, a new mode that pits two teams of Pilots (and their Titans) against one another. You earn cash by killing waves of NPCs, and you’re required to bank that cash between rounds. Strategy comes into play because you can steal the cash of enemy Pilots by killing them before it can be banked.

Here’s a look at the mode on the Homestead map.

Hands down, this was our favourite mode of the day, perhaps because it offered an entirely new Titanfall experience.

Pilots vs. Pilots, Amped Hardpoint and Bounty Hunt will be playable as part of Titanfall 2‘s upcoming public tech test. Find out more about the entire event here.

Stevivor travelled to Los Angeles, CA to preview Titanfall 2 as a guest of Electronic Arts.