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Thank boring early access for the fury over Mass Effect: Andromeda’s animations

I can’t get over how much people are bitching over Mass Effect: Andromeda’s animations. Right or wrong, and wholly undeserving of anonymous internet rage in either case, this is squarely on the shoulders of EA and BioWare.

Each example of stiff, robot-like animation is from the game’s early access availability on Xbox One and Windows PC. It’s the stuff subscribers of EA or Origin Access can stream — and, of course, the content that outlets like Stevivor can showcase ahead of a full embargo later tonight.

It’s also the least interesting, engaging part of the game.

Some stuff happens in the hours that we’re able to discuss now, but hardly anything of note. The opening of Andromeda is a slow burn – a tutorial in all senses – and isn’t offering up the heart and soul Mass Effect is known for. Why not, then, focus on some bad animation in between some good bits?

While we can’t talk of content after Andromeda’s planet Eos (including surprises therein), we can talk of the overall Mass Effect franchise. The original Mass Effect was slow to start (or was that just all throughout?), gradually revealing the secrets of its universe to players. Andromeda is no different. It’s logical to assume that the solid storytelling and relationship building the series is known for will continue and engross you. As too will the mysteries that the Andromeda galaxy itself is sure to contain. We’re certain they’ll be gripping; so much so that a funny animation will seem trivial down the line.

Early access is a nice treat for players, but this has clearly backfired on EA and BioWare. It’s offering would-be buyers the chance to focus on something so incidental, they may be swayed from laying out their hard-earned cash. It’s hilarious to me.

Yes, I’m being vague – but I need to be for the time being. If you’re honestly in doubt over Andromeda because of a couple funny YouTube clips, I ask you this: simply keep an open mind. You’ve only a couple hours left to hear informed opinions of the game in its entirety.

Mass Effect: Andromeda heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 later this week.


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