Injustice 2: Is that Wally West as Kid Flash in the second story trailer?


Update 2: NetherRealm’s used a recent livestream to confirm that the character in yellow is indeed Reverse Flash. Sadface.

Update: We’ve forgotten about a Reverse Skin pre-order bonus for Injustice 2. We’ve updated the story below, as we’re still not convinced the character in the trailer is a representation of that skin.

Original story: NetherRealm today released Injustice 2‘s second story trailer, revealing an epic showdown between DC stalwarts Batman and Superman. It also looks to have outed Wally West as Kid Flash.

First, the trailers themselves — we’ll include February’s first story trailer below in case you need to be caught up.

Here’s the new trailer. Wally appears after the battle between Superman and Doctor Fate.

Now, it could just be a new design for Reverse Flash — or simply one of the flashbacks that appear evident in the story — but to us that yellow-clad speedster looks African American, pointing to the New 52 or television versions of Wally. Here are some screencaps so you can decide for yourself.

Injustice 2Reverse Flash skin as a pre-order bonus does offer a , but we’re not convinced that skin is the character shown in the trailer. The shoulder pads look like the skin, but the red piping on the helmet is different. Here’s a look at the skin, for your own comparisons:

It’s also a dramatic departure from Reverse Flash’s costume in the original Injustice iOS game. For starters, the guy in the trailer doesn’t have red, glowing eyes.

If that is Wally, it looks like he’s pulling a Damian Wayne this game, siding with the Regime against the traditional idea of a hero.

Either way, it’s crazy to see how much has changed since the first game — Green Lantern, Robin and Flash are solidly on Batman’s side now, very much regretting what they’ve done.

Who’s excited for Injustice 2? It heads to Xbox One and PS4 in May.