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Spider-Man is super gay (and that is AWESOME!)

Out and proud.

Spider-Man is now available on PS4, and I can now tell you about one of the coolest things it has going for it: it’s super gay.

I mean gay in the way it should be used, not the pejorative way in which the it continually seeps into the gaming world. You see Spider-Man has rainbow flags all over Greenwich, because there are pride flags all over the real-world Greenwich.

Spider-Man doesn’t wave ’em in your face, but they’re there. And gamers — gaymers — like me sure will notice them; those same people will light up with happiness over what really amounts to a small gesture by Insomniac Games. It’s the perfect way to be inclusive without going out of your way to prove to people that you are.

I absolutely love it, too — we’re here, we’re queer, we game. I don’t really think there’s that much for people to get over.

Another neat little touch is in Aunt May’s office at the F.E.A.S.T. centre, a homeless shelter in the heart of Manhattan. May’s a higher-up at the organisation, and if you enter her office you’ll notice she’s left herself a quick note to follow up on for the month of October: “More LGBT programs.” Plain, simple, and again, just nice to see in the world.

Couple that with Spidey’s starkers suit and you’ve got a very happy gay man right here.

Spider-Man is now available on PS4.


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