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Victor Garber on the appeal of Legends of Tomorrow’s Firestorm


Sitting down with Victor Garber earlier in the year, Stevivor had a chance to speak to the long-time actor about his newest character: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow‘s Professor Martin Stein, one half of Firestorm.

First appearing as the character on The Flash, Garber said he was drawn to the role for a number of reasons.

“I had never seen a[n episode of The] Flash and I didn’t know really anything about it and I never read a comic book like that,” Garber confessed. “And I know the genre was popular. And then I watched an episode of The Flash. I thought, ‘this is really great’ and I thought the acting — you know, [the show has] people like Jessie Martin and Tom Cavanagh — so I was intrigued.

Firestorm is a combination of Garber’s character, the mature and considered Stein, and a younger, more impressionable male. Since taking on the role, Garber’s been paired with two other actors.

“At that time it was Robbie Amell, who I love, and we’d worked together before. And then Robbie decided he wasn’t going to be moving on with it and so it became Franz Drameh, who I also just find, you know, astonishingly talented and entertaining,” Garber said.

“So the point is the character sort of evolves with me for the people I’m working with and the writing. I think they do trust me in that I kind of fit it to what I think works best for me. And that’s been really fun for me, because, you know, it’s a world I have never — you know, I mean, Alias was sort of my only [television show] even remotely close to this, but that was so different. So I’m really — I realize as I, you know, reach — as I’m in my third act of my life I thought this was an opportunity to do something so different for a whole different audience, and I’m finding it really, you know, challenging, exhausting and fun.”

He paused.

“Not necessarily in that order,” he finished with a smile.

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