A Stevivor Series Tag Team with John Cena and Daniel Bryan


In a recent trip to SummerSlam to see WWE 2K15, Stevivor got to sit down with former WWE World Heavweight Champion, John Cena, in one corner and the man who can get a crowd of thousands to all chant “YES!” at once, Daniel Bryan, in the other. Our very own Cav used the chance to take on the WWE stars, 2 on 1, to discuss WWE 2K15, the franchise under THQ as compared to 2K, action figures and, of course, dream matches.

Cav, Stevivor: Are you a gamer?

Daniel Bryan: No, not really.

Stevivor: What’s more impressive? Seeing yourself on the big screen in WWE 2K15 or you as an action figure?

John Cena: I think there’s a more handheld permanence to an action figure and no knock on Mattel, but 2K have done an awesome job with the graphics [in WWE 2K15].

Bryan: It’s hard to say because both have come along so far. When I started with action figures, they were like those rubber dolls, they ones that don’t move. When I was playing video games, it was the old WrestleMania on the regular Nintendo. They just moved around [Daniel mimics the stiff gameplay]. This is better! The technology it takes to do something like this is unbelievable. Wrestlers used to feel like they’ve really made it when they got made into an action figure, now they’ve made it when they’re included in a video game.


Stevivor: So you’re impressed with the way you look in WWE 2K15?

Bryan: Yeah, oh my gosh, I’m so impressed! The beard looks great!

Stevivor: So there’s nothing you’d change about yourself in the game?

Cena: No, to be honest with you that was the biggest critical knock on THQ, that they wouldn’t give a realistic feel to the game. 2K has gone ahead and taken that and actually delivered. You know, with what I’ve seen so far? I couldn’t do it better even if I knew how to program and did it my way.

Stevivor: John, do you get to game on the road much?

Cena: [You can] if you’re selective with your timing. With me at my age, I actually get a good night’s sleep every night. I find when I put a game on it’s like, “I’ll just play for five minutes”… then it’s like five hours later and I wonder where the hell the time went.


Stevivor: Daniel, what would be your dream match? Anyone from history to today.

Bryan: Well right now, to keep it realistic, I would love to wrestle Brock Lesnar. That’s the match that I want and hopefully when I come back that’s the match that I get.

Stevivor: So when are you coming back?

Bryan: I have no idea, man.

Stevivor: Whenever the doctor says?

Bryan: Hahaha! Yep!

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WWE 2K15 will be available from 28 October on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Our preview drops at the end of the week.