StarCraft II WCS ANZ Player Spotlight: Cameron ‘Yours’ Foster


Today’s the day — the StarCraft II WCS ANZ Season 4 finals kick off just ahead of noon. As we’ve done in the past, Stevivor has sat down to chat with Cameron ‘Yours’ Foster, one of the event’s finalists.

You can tell from his responses that he’s a pretty laid-back guy.

Daniel ‘Deth’ Haynes, Stevivor: How did you start playing StarCraft competitively?

Cameron ‘Yours’ Foster: I started playing the Starcraft 1v1 ladder after HotS (Heart of the Swarm) was released. [I] loved the campaign and wanted more so I started playing Multiplayer. I think ACL (Australian Cyber League) 2013 was my first StarCraft tournament. [I] didn’t realise how big the scene was in Australia ‘til I went there.

Deth: You’ve been attempting to qualify for WCS in each of the events this year. You’ve come close to top 8 on a few occasions but hadn’t quite had a breakthrough. When you finally made it through in the recent qualifier, how did it feel?

Yours: It feels like I’m getting them fat esport cheques, son.

Deth: While it’s clear your ZvP is really strong, it seems you struggle most with ZvZ. How has the preparation been going for this tournament, and will we see any new ZvZ tricks?

Yours: I’ve upped the number of monobattles [a StarCraft custom map] I’ve been playing to prepare for this tournament, I even pick Zerg instead of random to get the most efficient practice, as well as DotA 2 to help me with my decision making and blind countering.

Deth: You’ve been playing competitively in the region for a few years now, and been to a bunch of events. Is Saturday’s event going to be any different for you? What sort of result will you be happy with?

Yours: My short term goal is to make Probe rage tweet as much as possible, second to that is making sure iaguz has to drown out his loss to me with an ocean of whiskey — though he will probably do that anyway — and making sure Seither comes second so I can go to Montreal with my buddy.

Deth: What’s going on in the life of Yours? Anything you’re working towards you’d care to share?

Yours: Gym, StarCraft and taking care of my pet coach Juno.

Deth: Any final thoughts?

Yours: Shoutout to Ash Cox (Ashley ‘Frustration’ Cox), it was a pleasure knocking your ass to the lower bracket. Shoutout to Demilove for finishing the job and somehow 3-0’ing him in a best of 3. Shoutout to the Dank Memes Crew. Shoutout to ONE EFF PRO.

The WCS ANZ Season 4 finals are today. Make sure you don’t miss out — this is your last chance to grab some tickets here.