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Rage 2’s primary developer is Avalanche Studios, not id Software

Avalanche Studios is taking point on Rage 2, confirming its Stockholm location is the nerve centre when it comes to the game’s development.

“The primary development for Rage 2 is in Stockholm and always has been,” Avalanche’s John Fuller told Stevivor.

“We’ve collaborated really closely on all aspects of the game and we’ve had people from id flying here and helping out on a bunch of different things. We’ve been in sync with them throughout the entire development.”

We wanted to explore the relationship Avalanche, Bethesda and id further.

“With Avalanche being an independent developer, we need to talk to publishers and have contact with them,” Game Director Magnus Nedfors told Stevivor.

“A couple years ago Bethesda came to us and asked us what our feelings were with working with id, we were like ‘yeah that would be f*cking awesome!’

“We started to talk and they believed that there was potential to do a sequel to Rage. I personally, and the rest of the group here that was part of the discussion thought that would be fantastic.

“Since those days it has been a super close collaboration with back and forth ideas from day one. They came to us because we knew how to do open world style games – they wanted Rage 2 to be more crazy and more emergent. In return they could help us out with the id style shooting, and then we could marry all those elements together to what we all believed would be a unique game. From there is has all evolved.”

Since the announcement of Rage 2 we’ve learned that Avalanche Studios is the primary developer behind the game, but how much involvement does id Software have? It sounds like quite a bit of help.

“In this day and age it’s so easy to keep in contact even though id Software are in Texas, Bethesda are just outside of Washington, and we are here in Sweden.” Nedfors said.

“Video conferencing makes it super easy to talk to each other. Most times its more than weekly, but we do have weekly meetings where we talk about ideas and so on. In the beginning of the project Tim [Willits] and I mailed and conference called each other everyday. Tim has also been over here a lot of times, as well as a lot of other people from id Software to talk about certain aspects of the game.”

Rage 2 heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 in 2019. Read all we know about the game here.

Luke Lawrie traveled to Stockholm, Sweden as a guest of Bethesda.

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