Outriders’ vehicles are for crafting, fast travel but not combat

People Can Fly sat down with Stevivor to discuss the vehicles found inside Outriderswhile they’re good for a lot of things, don’t expect to use them in combat.

Enoch, the playable world of Outriders is made up of several areas and each will have a central hub. Those locations will act as safe zones, permitting you to buy weapons and armour, customise your character and talk to NPCs. Your vehicle will act as a mobile base, allowing you to do those same actions while on the go.

Game Director Bartosz Kmita, known as Bartek K, confirmed that vehicles are also used for fast travel between points.

“You can see your truck and you can see the other [players] trucks in a convoy during a cutscene and you can then form a gypsy camp that you are staying at where you can have your personal space,” he said. “People can look at your truck and say ‘what the hell it’s so ugly’.”

Art Director Bartosz Bieluszko, known as Bartek B, added that your ugly truck can be customised to either look better… or worse.

“You can show off to your friends by putting trophies on your hood, changing wheels,” he explained.

Alas, your vehicle cannot be used in combat, Bartek K confirmed. 

“The gameplay elements for the trucks are the RPG systems like the crafting, and managing your stash but you’re not fighting with your truck,” he said. “We aren’t using it to mount a gun you can shoot.”

Outriders heads to Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4 and PS5 this holiday season.

Jay Ball traveled to Warsaw, Poland as a guest of Square Enix.

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