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Media Molecule’s Siobhan Reddy on what Dreams’ beta means for the game

Sitting down to talk with Media Molecule’s Siobhan Reddy, it immediately became apparently the developer is chomping at the bit to release Dreams’ beta to the world.

“We are desperate to get started,” Reddy said, laughing. “Getting it started is basically the start for us; it’ll teach us what people need and are looking for, and how we can respond.”

Experts in the user-generated content (UGC) field, Reddy still acknowledges Media Molecule has a lot to learn.

“We haven’t made a UGC game in a while, and the world has changed in that time,” she confessed. “We started designing LittleBigPlanet ten years ago – I mean, people were still using MySpace.

“With LittleBigPlanet, we released it without a lot of testing [from an online community]. In the modern world we live in, there’s more to be done with working with your online community. We can’t wait to get it into their hands to see what they do with it,” she continued. “That, in turn, pushes us.”


That modern world will also make Dreams shine, Reddy believes.

“We live in such a remix culture; it’s incredibly important in music,” she began. “I think Dreams explores that, letting people work and collaborate together, riffing ideas together.

Lessons learned from Media Molecule’s newest franchise, Tearaway also impact Dreams’ production.

“We learnt within Tearaway that people really enjoy doing aesthetic things; sometimes there doesn’t need to be a win state, just the enjoyment of creation. Seeing your creation in digital form,” Reddy explained. ”We’ve been embracing the idea of ‘create and play’ but also ‘play in the moment’.

“The idea of messing about, playing in it, reminded us all that at-the-moment play is important. Some people will spend hours designing something and others will simple play and have a laugh. That’s an angle of Dreams that’s really important and we hope people will embrace – you don’t always have to create something that’s a game, you can just play for fun.”

Dreams’ beta is scheduled for some time in 2016. We’ll have more for you all as its made available.


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