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Forza 7: 4K assets will not be released on disc, will follow in later update


Forza Motorsport 7‘s 4K assets will not be included on its Blu-ray disc, instead heading to the title in a digital update that will follow.

The 4K assets will be distributed using Xbox’s Intelligent Delivery System, recently detailed to Stevivor by Kevin Gammill, Group Program Manager, Xbox Core Platform.

The system “essentially lets developers be smarter about what gets installed based on what console it’s on,” Gammill told us, alongside the news that first-party Microsoft studios were like any other, able to decide how it will deliver 4K assets for their titles.

Chris Bishop, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Turn 10 Studios, said a lot of thought was put into content delivery of the upcoming Forza Motorsport 7.

“You know, honestly it’s something that we thought about this year, was like do we want to go multi-disc or single? It’s something that I think we are always exploring and talking about what’s best for the customer and what’s the right delivery system,” Bishop said. “We want to provide options, and that’s why we do discs and digital and then code-to-content is another thing: where people want to buy at retail, but maybe they want the benefits of digital. But they have GameStop or EB Games membership.

“We even thought about USB drives and stuff like that. So, who knows what the future is? ‘Cause these files get bigger and bigger and data caps become a reality. Digital has so many benefits and most people would say that’s the future, but at the same time, especially as a Marketing Manager, I’m always out there being like, ‘All right, what’s best for the customer? What are the options out there? Pros and cons?’

“It’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all solution, or one answer.”

Because Forza 7 comes out more than a month before the Xbox One X is available to players, its 4K assets will not be bundled on the game’s single Blu-ray disc.

“It’s one disc that works for Xbox One S, or Xbox One X, or the original Xbox One,” Bishop confirmed. “It’s about 50GB. That’s about the most you can put on a Blu-ray these days, as far as I’m aware, and that has as much of the game content as we can stuff on the 50GB.

“The game itself will end up probably right around 60GB, “Bishop also confirmed. “So it’ll have day one update, patches, updates and some more content. But that’s all 1080p files — that is what people will play on October 3, or September 29 if you get the Ultimate Edition with early access.

“Then, if you put that disc in on Xbox One X on November 7, it’ll install those [on-disc] bits. It’ll install that 10GB of update [of day one patches, etc], and then it’ll download another 30GB or so of 4K files.

“Before [Xbox One] X comes out, some days before November 7 — just like if you buy it digitally some days before September 29 or October 3 — we’ll allow you to pre-download the game. You’ll be able to pre-download those bits onto your [Xbox One] S or put it on a[n external] hard drive, and then you’ll be able to have that hard drive part over [to Xbox One X].”

What do you make of the Xbox One’s Intelligent Title Delivery system?