Far Cry 5: Move over Honey Badger, there’s a new small, mean animal in the county


While Far Cry 5‘s Dan Hay wouldn’t confirm if the nefarious honey badger will return to the franchise, he teased a new, small and mean animal. In fact, Hay calls it his “new favourite” animal.

“I can’t tell you what animals there are,” Hay started. “But I will tell you that I have a new favourite animal.

“It’s small and it’s mean. It’s defensive. And when you unleash this thing — these things — they cause all kinds of trouble. I can’t tell you what it is. But it’s got a very unique defensive mechanism.”

Sounds terrifying.

Considering Hope County is nestled within Montana, we may see its indigenous badgers yet. More importantly, though, what animal do you think Hay is referring to?

Far Cry 5 will be available from 27 February 2018 on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. We went hands-on with the game — including Fang for Hire animal Boomer — right here.

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