Destiny’s current progression paths won’t be nerfed by “Rise of Iron”


Speaking with Stevivor at Gamescom, Bungie’s David ‘DeeJ’ Dague asserted that Destiny’s “Rise of Iron” update won’t nerf progression paths introduced with both “The Taken King” and in the game’s April update.

“We don’t look at the April update and say, ‘that was a mistake, we should backpedal on that.’,” DeeJ said.

With both updates – and the latter, especially – Bungie opened up multiple pathways for Guardians to level up, increase their Light and grab new gear. Players could run PvP in the Crucible, play co-op in the Challenge of Elders or rank up Faction packages to acquire high-level items previously accessible behind Raids. Changes to infusion meant that gear’s Light levels could be increased without nearly as much grind.

DeeJ says Bungie is embracing those changes, keeping them in tact while also tinkering with things like additional quest lines.

“We’re leaning into that,” he insisted. “We’re giving you quests that lead to a Gjallarhorn which, to a Year One player, would seem unfathomable.

“Like, ‘how do I get a Gjallarhorn?’ – to which you’d have replied, ‘I don’t know, practice baby, practice.’ Now the answer to that question is you go build your own. I think people are going to have a real good sense of ownership about their Gjallarhorn, and it’s an experience that people can share.”


DeeJ said the storyline of “Rise of Iron” itself should lead to some pretty amazing gear.

“There’s endgame rituals where you’ll honor the Iron Lords and acquire artefacts that let you imbue yourself with their power,” he said. “[You’ll acquire] very specific characteristics that kind of typify the way they used to fight. There’s so many different ways that you can enjoy the action of Destiny in new ways with ‘Rise of Iron’. Of the idea of becoming an Iron Lord.”

In fact, you’ll have every chance to look just like the expansion’s primary image, shown above. And you should want to, DeeJ added.

“That guy’s a bad ass,” he said. “Why would you not want to be him?”

“I see people wearing Raid gear that looks like it was pulled from a dead beast. I’ve seen people wear a helmet that looks like it’s chewed bone,” he continued. “I love the idea of wearing polished armor. I love the idea of being a heraldic knight on a space quest. My Warlock is going to look awesome in this new Iron Lord gear. I’m going to acquire all of the ornamentation.”

“Rise of Iron” heads to Destiny later in the month on Xbox One and PS4.