The Coalition on Gears’ shift to Kait as its main protagonist

The ever-scrappy Kait is clearly the main protagonist of Gears 5, working primarily with fellow COG Del to achieve some very personal goals. While Kait featured in Gears of War 4that title focussed on JD Fenix, the son of longtime series lead Marcus Fenix. We had to the chance to sit down with The Coalition studio head, Rod Fergusson, to discuss the shift in series protagonist.

“[The change in featured protagonist] basically came down to where we are with the story,” Fergusson told Stevivor. “I always talk about Mad Max: Fury Road — it was a Mad Max movie but the story was about the women getting out and escaping.

“That was what we realised in hindsight for Gears 4 — it was really Kait’s story, about trying to save her mom; JD is helping her do that. We had a strong belief that the best way to experience the story was as the person this story is happening to, and so if you’re gonna play Gears 5 as JD watching Kait go through her stuff, that would kind of a weird way to have that play out. I think the story will be more impactful as Kait.”

Gears 5 heads to Windows PC and Xbox One from 10 September, though Xbox Game Pass subscribers can start playing from 6 September.

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