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Destiny: Watch two Guardians beat the Crota’s End Raid

If you’re looking for a reliable, legit way to make Crota meet his end with only two Guardians, look no further.

For those of you still playing Destiny, myself and my housemate spent the better part of a day working on a strategy to take him down without a full fireteam. We aren’t taking credit for this idea, but thought it couldn’t hurt to show it off.

First, lets get the setup out of the way: This is the level 30 Crota’s End Raid; its possible you may be able to use the same strategy for the hard raid, but you’d have to be damn good. Both Guardians are level 32 and have the elusive Gjallarhorn rocket launcher. Again, I’m sure it’s possible without the level or launcher, but that’s a quest for another day.

While one player takes the chalice at the beginning of the raid and handles the sword, the other player needs to jump over the barrier on Crota’s right and keep the boomers in the tower busy. Shooting at the wall constantly will draw their attention and stop them from firing at your sword-bearing Guardian.

The only time you shouldn’t be shooting at the wall is when you stop to fire a double shot of Gjallarhorn or when the other guardian isn’t out in the open. The trickiest part about this method is getting the timing between both Guardians just right, but that’s just how this fight goes anyway so you should have some practice at this point.

The video should be pretty self-explanatory, but feel free to comment below if you have questions or even ideas for how to improve in this technique.

As you see in the video, we almost killed him with two swords; that’s the next thing on our to do list while we wait until 19 May for the game’s “House of Wolves” expansion.


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