The Division 2 Black Tusk endgame faction: All we know

Stevivor’s Australian exclusive Division 2 endgame report:
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Ubisoft has briefed Stevivor on The Division 2‘s new endgame faction, the Black Tusk.

As we’ve detailed in our report on what changes at The Division 2‘s endgame, the Black Tusk essentially undo all of the good work you’ve accomplished in Washington, DC. In doing so, the faction establishes new Strongholds and drastically changes power dynamics in the game’s open world. Put simply, the Black Tusk faction is nothing to sneeze at.

“The Black Tusks are a private military contractor with strong ties to key political and industrial leaders,” Ubisoft told Stevivor when describing the new endgame enemy. “They are former Special Mission Unit operators and are experts at counter insurgency warfare. We created the Black Tusks to emulate various private military contractors in their discipline, focus and combat efficiency.”

Ubisoft has taken learnings from the Hunter AI in The Division‘s Survival expansion to beef up the Black Tusk, calling them “even more advanced in their training and tactics than the Last Man Battalion.” While they possess the same health and damage dealing capabilities of other factions, they benefit from “superior training, tactics, and technology to increase the challenge the pose to the player.”

Black Tusk enemy types

Here are all the enemy types that you can expect to fight when taking on the Black Tusk:

  • Assault: Highly trained and tactical soldier that attempts to surround their enemy.
  • Rusher: Deploys flying Suicide Drones that race towards their enemy before exploding.
  • Thrower: Uses an airburst grenade launcher, which is perfect for picking off targets behind cover.
  • Sniper: Picks off targets at long range, and sets up decoy devices to confuse enemies. Also deploys a Taser Drone that serves as up-close personal protection.
  • Tank: Heavy armoured and sports a belt-fed mini-gun that suppresses targets. Also has a support station on his back that constantly heals him if his armour breaks.
  • Medic: Is a pro, with formal medical training and deploys Revive Drones, which out downed allies and brings them back into the fight.
  • Controller: Is in command of a Mini Tank that is equipped with an LMG, a Grenade Launcher, and a Laser Dazzler that blinds all nearby enemies.
  • War Hound: Is a quadruped war machine that is remotely controlled from a long distance away. It is equipped with a high-impact, semi-auto rifle that needs to charge before it shoots.

You can get a better look at these enemy types in a new trailer, below.

The Division 2 heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 from 15 March. An open beta is scheduled for early March.

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