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Stevivor’s PS4 GOTY 2018: God of War

Boy trumps Spidey.

Stevivor’s Game of the Year (GOTY) awards continue today with a prize for the best 2018 PS4 exclusive.

This one was basically a fight between two first-party Sony titles: God of War and Spider-Man. In the end, Stevivor staffers voted to give this one to Sony Santa Monica’s God of War.

As Ben so succinctly put it, “God of War is definitely the better game,” though it’s hard to fault Spider-Man either.

Joining Spider-Man as honourable mentions are Tetris Effect and ASTRO BOT: Rescue Mission, both PlayStation VR titles. With a lineup like this, 2018 was a great year to be a PS4 fan.

Stevivor GOTY Awards 2018

We’ll announce a new winner each day in the lead up to 2019!