Rocket Arena characters: Meet (most of) the crew

Rocket Arena is now an EA Original; as part of today’s announcement by EA and developer First Strike Games, Stevivor had a chance to preview the title and its characters.

The video below breaks down the following characters and their abilities:


  • Gameplay begins below at 0:24.
  • RT attack: Charged Torpedo (Hold to charge for increased speed and damage)
  • LT attack: Bouncy Mines (Launch three bouncing and homing mines)
  • RB attack: Hydro Form (Morph into a poll of water. Reactivate to launch opponents skyward in a water cyclone)


  • Gameplay begins below at 1:52.
  • RT: Skypiercer Rockets (Fast and accurate single fire)
  • LT: Rocket Swarm (Swarm of Mini-Rockets)
  • RB: Thruster Suit (Temporarily boost mobility & Skypiercer Rockets)


  • Gameplay begins below at 3:03.
  • RT: Speak Rockets (Quick firing and short ranged)
  • LT: Bola Snare (Pulls opponents towards you. The next Spear Rocket will home toward snared opponent for increased damage)
  • RB: Jaaqua Charge (Hold to aim before ferociously lunging forward)


  • Gameplay begins below at 4:28.
  • RT: Rocket Cannonnball (Arcing and high impact)
  • LT: Charged Anchor (Charge and fire a hard-hitting Anchor rocket)
  • RB: Shockwave (Knock back nearby opponents and destroy incoming rockets)


  • Gameplay begins below at 5:35.
  • RT: Blunderblast (Ricocheting short-range cluster shot)
  • LT: Megadon Scope (Scope in to fire a ricocheting sniper rocket)
  • RB: Zik’s Vortex (Fire a wind vortex that blasts Boone backwards and pushes opponents with tremendous force)


  • Gameplay begins below at 7:03.
  • RT: Double Whammy (Rapid fire explosive projectiles alternating between the weapon’s twin barrels)
  • LT: Mag Mines (Lob mines that attach to any surface or foe)
  • RB: Shatter Slam (Activate Shatterboard flight. Kick opponents with your board attack (RT))

Additional characters

Additional characters not included in the preview event include Flux, Topnotch, Kayi and Plink. An eleventh character will be added, free of charge, when Rocket Arena’s first season begins on 28 July.

Rocket Arena heads to Windows PC via Origin and Steam, Xbox One and PS4 on 14 July. The title supports cross-play at launch.

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