Resident Evil Village’s Maiden demo has a lot of info hidden within it

And we'll break down the important bits here!

Resident Evil Village‘s Maiden demo is out now, exclusive to the PS5, and within it lies a bunch of information about the upcoming Resident Evil 7 sequel.

This post will detail some of that information, so be warned: spoilers lie ahead.

The demo puts you in the shoes of an unnamed “maiden”, who is tasked to escape the castle that Village‘s antagonist, Lady Dimitrescu, and her daughters reside in. The demo takes about 15-20 minutes to complete, and we’re reasonable certain that we inspected every item possible in doing so. With that in mind, here are the interesting tidbits we found:

  • Down in the cells, “One of the documents at the beginning labels medicine as being’for the livestock’,” writes Mitch, “so [Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters] might’ve been keeping villagers as a supply of blood too, maybe then using them as subjects once they’ve gotten their fill/stocked their supply?”
  • One document seemingly names one of Dimitrescu’s three daughters: Miss Daniela. She’s (perhaps unsurprisingly) cruel.

  • Just like in Resident Evil 7, Dimitrescu (or someone working with or for her) is seemingly kidnapping people to see if they’ll bond or react to whatever biohazard has gripped the village that Resident Evil Village will focus on. A document found on the ground floor lists three successful “candidates” — Irina Mihaela and Lois — alongside 12 failed “rejects”. Similar documents were found around the home of the Baker family.
  • In the same downstairs lobby is a cup that can be inspected. The teacup has a lipstick stain on the outside… and what appears to be caked blood on the inside? Vampires confirmed?
  • Back upstairs after obtaining a glass eye to enter a locked room, another document says that Castle Dimitrescu has made wine since the 15th Century. Its best vintage? “Sanguis Virginis, meaning ‘maiden’s blood’.” Yikes.

  • Lady Dimitrescu is channelling some big Wolverine energy at the end of the demo, whilst her daughters appear to harness the same style of abilities as Resident Evil 7‘s Margeurite Baker.

You can watch a full playthrough of our demo experience below.

Resident Evil Village is a sequel to Resident Evil 7 and is expected on 7 May 2021 across Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S & X, PS4 and PS5.

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