Resident Evil 7 discussion: Let’s delve into unsolved mysteries

We’ve gone through Resident Evil 7 four times ahead of our spoiler-free review, and we’re starting to feel like we know the game back-to-front. Even still, we’ve got questions that remain unanswered.

Feel free to take part in this post — give us some answers or pose some questions of your own. Keep in mind, though, that this post is very spoiler heavy. It’s best to play through the game — perhaps even twice — before reading. You’ve been warned.

Let’s get started!

What happened to Clancy?

Update: Clancy’s fate is pretty simple — he gets tortured a bunch in various DLC bits and pieces, and then becomes the victim of Lucas’ birthday puzzle. Poor guy.

Original: It seems like this answer may come to us as part of Resident Evil 7‘s planned DLC (including the free DLC, “Not a Hero”).

Clancy Javis, the cameraman-slash-protagonist of both Resident Evil 7’s “Midnight Hour” and “Kitchen” demos, is listed as “L” by the Bakers. This is strange when compared to others (apart from Mia, obviously), who are listed as “Turned” or “Dead”.

Just what the hell does “L” mean? Any guesses?

What’s in the locked drawer in the Guest House? [SOLVED]

Update: This lockpick was the key to the first — and our final — Antique Coin. Huzzah!

Original write-up: The Baker’s Guest House, the star of the show in the “Midnight Hour” demo, makes a brief reappearance at the start of Resident Evil 7. It’s there that you first find Mia, and also go through the demo’s infamous “Derelict House Footage” VHS tape.

In the Guest House, one kitchen drawer is locked and requires a lockpick to open, but we couldn’t manage to find one. We even tried the ol’ demo trick of using the VHS tape and looking behind the microwave, but no dice.

Because you’re unable to return to the Guest House, we’re left to wonder: just what is in that drawer? Is it a mystery to solve or merely a remnant left over from the demo itself?

How the hell did Zoe fix’s Ethan’s severed arm?

Strong First Aid Med… and staples, for some reason.

No, seriously — it does wonders. On our third playthrough of the game, Jack Baker grabbed us before we could climb through the escape hatch and severed our leg with his trusty shovel. He then placed a bottle of Strong First Aid Med on the ground and said the green healing gel would do the trick… and so it did.

No staples required for that one. Crazy.

Just how does the infection work?

And don’t answer, “like Alma Wade’s!”

The easy explanation, provided through Resident Evil 7‘s narrative, is that antagonist Eveline manipulates your mind, taking control of your person bit by bit. As a person is more infected, they eventually lose their ego (but, I guess, retaining their id and superego?) and go a bit crazy.

That’s all well and good, but why does it impact the Bakers in different ways? Zoe, a Baker herself, would have been infected at the same time as brother Jack, mother Marguerite and brother Lucas, though she seems completely normal. We know she’s infected, because she tells us that she’s unable to leave the Baker estate, but she never shows signs of regeneration (the Bakers) or even loss of control (Mia).

Lucas, as compared to his parents, also raises more questions. He clearly has the ability to regenerate, but doesn’t seem to posses any other talents (that we’ve seen). I guess it’s safe to say that Jack and Marguerite were more infected.

Most puzzling if that the infection seems to turn the Bakers into ultra-hillbillies without any real explanation. Looking into their past lives, the Bakers seem well-educated, upstanding members of the community. Jack has clearly served his country in the past and Lucas displayed a fortitude for robotics. Lack of ego aside, the only reason the hillbillification seems to occur is to present the Bakers as more of a Texas Chainsaw Massacre-type crew.

What happened to Lucas and Zoe?

Zoe’s whereabouts are a bit easier to answer, depending on the choice you make midway through the game, but we’ll work on the premise you gave the serum to Mia over her. In that case, Ethan and Mia leave the Baker estate after Lucas runs off, with Zoe left to fend for herself on the dock.

This seems like another question that will be answered by DLC.

Does Mia work for Umbrella? Who created Eveline?

Two questions in one, here. First, is Umbrella behind Eveline? The only memo that really has information about her origins doesn’t say, merely referring to Mia’s role in the “Special Operations Division”, and with a warning that Eveline is at “a high risk of being stolen by opposing organisations”.

Though Capcom has said Resident Evil 7 places you in the shoes of normal, every day people, Mia clearly is an exception. Playing the ship VHS tape, she’s packing a machine gun and clearly knows how to use it. We’re dying to know more about her life before she became Eveline’s ‘babysitter’.

Who does Mia work for? Why is she working with the organisation? Should Ethan ever trust her again? So. Many. Questions.

Wait — Chris Redfield is with Umbrella now?

The weirdest thing about longtime Resident Evil protagonist Chris Redfield’s cameo — apart from his new (new, new) face — is that he appears to be working for the Umbrella Corporation.

The Umbrella logo on the side of Chris’ chopper is the same as the one the company sported in Umbrella Corps — right down to the double helixes in the logo’s white spaces, just like the game’s icon on PS4 — though Chris’ chopper has a blue-tinted one.

Does that mean this is a different organisation? If it’s the only Umbrella, is Chris using it for good? Is that even Chris, or just a (sort of?) lookalike using his name? Ahead of release, forums like NeoGAF were suggesting the man above is actually franchise mainstay Hunk.

Moving past the Umbrella confusion, just why did it take Redfield so long to come to Ethan’s aid, let alone that of the poor Baker family? Since she was clearly on his radar — as evidenced by comm chatter ahead of your final encounter — why didn’t Chris move against Eveline sooner?

Resident Evil 7 is available today on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. Read our spoiler-free review — not that it would matter in this particular case — here.

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  • I don’t believe that guy is Chris. It looks like is someone from Umbrella pretending to be Chris. Maybe is Hunk cause after all we only saw him without his mask in a epilogue file in RE3 in 1999. So, could be Hunk finally getting some spotlight.

    • My theory is that he is Chris Redfield, ad that it will be revealed that he was “Subject 3A-7” from the Umbrella Corps game all along, infiltrating the Umbrella Corps for the BSAA (it would also explain why the UC single player campaign hints at 3A-7 being almost super-human in his fighting abilities, and why they were trying to kill him during the “tests”).

      Another option is that Chris simply took leadership of a band of Umbrella Corps mercenaries and started using them for a good cause. As to why his face looks so different, it wouldn’t be the first time: RE1/Code: Veronica Chris looks nothing like RE5/6/Vendetta Chris. Perhaps they just changed his face again to better fit the new graphic engine.

  • Why you wrote “Chris Redfield”? Isn’t “changed face” and fact that he only says “im Redfield”, NOT “im Chris Redfield” enough to dont make assumptions and mislead players?

  • I haven’t read any of the comments here, but with regards to Clancy, the “L” is pretty clearly representative of “Lucas”. The Family essentially let him toy with him, rather than infecting him. You can see it all in the “Happy Birthday” tape.

  • My theory for why Eveline treats Zoe (and maybe Lucas) differently is because it’s mentioned in the documents that she tries to make ‘family’ type groups with a mother and father figure, and maybe since Mia was rejecting her she turned to Zoe to fill that role.

  • Clancy is dead. His charred corpse waits for you in a chair with a “you’re next!” sign on it. It’s outside a safe room shortly before the birthday puzzle in Lucas’s building.

    Zoe is dead if you give her the serum. My friend thought it’d be funny to abandon Ethan’s wife and made the unilateral decision. Somehow, Evaline still manages to turn her to calcium less than a minute after your decision. Also, Jack is Zoe’s father, not brother.

    Everyone is wondering what happened to Lucas or if we’ll see him in some DLC soon.

    Finally, if you know your work is going to be burned into the internet for the world to read…just try harder.

    • Only that dude didn’t kill anyone in the game that we know of.

      That guy looks like RE6 Chris with an upward hair direction instead of forwards.

  • Clancy has been taken by Lucas, and he’s the protagonist of the “Happy Birthday” tape where he dies a pretty horrible death. It’s confirmed by the fact that in the upper right corner of the tape it says “Clancy Javis”, just like in the “Sewer Gators” one.

    So I guess the “L” in the paper stands for “Lucas”. You can find another piece of paper later in the game written by Jack, who is angry at Lucas for “spoiling” some of the abducted people by using them in his games, that pretty much confirms it.

  • In the credits (after the credits) the newspaper thing explains how the infection works:

    “Method of Inducment: chemical transference of psychotropic compounds via skin to skin contact between Product and Subject inducing a mentally subjective state in the Subject responsive only to the Product.”

    Basically it’s a hypnotic chemical transferred through skin contact.

  • About the severed arm and leg, I think it’s because Ethan is infected as well. From the Inspection Report in the Mine, the infected got regenerative abilities and also “in tune” with other E-series asset (other infected). Let’s see, Ethan’s arm and leg work perfectly fine after being severed, means that Ethan reattach his severed limbs back to his body. That means Ethan has regenerative abilities. In several occasions, Ethan can “see” Eveline in her little girl state which only a hallucination created by Eveline. I think this is what “in tune” means, Ethan is connected to Eveline because he is infected.
    If that is the case, some other questions popped out of my head. If you chose to “cure” Mia, she can see Eveline’s hallucination even after she is “cured” and she also said that she can’t hold her much longer before locked herself in the ship. Is that mean the serum is not working? Or the serum only cure the E-series bacterium/mold and can’t sever the “connection” between the infected and Eveline which has been established earlier. Or the serum should be taken periodically so that someone can be totally cured.
    The second question is how does the bacterium work? Is it only Eveline can control whoever she infect? From RE 4, the Las Plagas controlled by other DOMINANT plaga. If we say that Eveline is dominant and Ethan is infected, what will happen to Ethan as infected after he kills Eveline? Does Ethan becomes the dominant because Eveline is no longer around? Or the bacterium dies with Eveline?

  • dosent Clancy get burned alive in the birthday video and i belived L meant Lucas because the video start with lucas dragging Clancy to the test area

  • Ok, so I’ve played and beaten the game on all 3 modes and here’s my opinion on a few things. Mia was an umbrella operative . I say this because eveline is called an E- series bow. In other resident evil games they call other bows by their series name. Now here’s something really interesting . Has anyone looked closely at the albert01r gun when your using it? It says on the side of it S.T.A.R.S and R.P.D. which of course stands for Raccon City Police Department . Now to go back to resident evil 2, do you remember the fax fact that you get for the stars office as your leaving about the gun being ready called the samarais edge? Well in my opinion that fun and the Albert 01R are the exact same gun. Which means that it didn’t just have something to do with wesker but it was actually his very own gun. So here’s is a way out there theory. What if when wesker died they kept his consciousness and clone him….but wouldn’t it make sense to put him in the ones body of someone he hates the most….Chris Redfield. Also the reason why he has blond hair is because wesker had one hair. Guess we’ll wait and see. I’ll write more after playing the game some more and really paying attention.

    • The Samurai Edge is a special type of handgun S.T.A.R.S members carry around in the first Resident Evil. Everyone has got one, there are 12 of them and they’re all custom-made and adapted to each member.

      That being said, the Albert-01R is, in fact, Wesker’s Samurai Edge (you can tell it’s really his because of the chrome barrel and trigger-area) with a modified muzzle, probably to allow it to shoot those “anti-B.O.W” rounds. I don’t know whether that’s just an Easter egg or if there’s actually an explanation for the “blue-logo Umbrella” guys having Wesker’s gun.

      As for Mia, she’s working for a pharmaceutical company that is making B.O.Ws for sure, but I’m not sure it’s Umbrella. I mean, Umbrella got dismantled three times already (first by Wesker in Umbrella Chronicles, who took over it, then along with Tricell by Chris when he killed Wesker in RE5, and again when he stopped Carla Radames’ “Neo-Umbrella” in RE6) and the new Umbrella with the blue logo seem more like a rival clean-up company like the B.S.A.A. rather than those who made Evie.

      PS: if that’s Wesker inside Chris’ body, why would he be fighting B.O.Ws though? Wouldn’t he just stay behind the scenes like in the past?

  • I always thought “L” meant “Loose”, we are lead to believe from the demo that he is alive and escaped the guest house (Good ending).

    It is all irrelevant now but, it was just an early game device to make you think what happened to Clancy without giving away the later part of the game.

    The real question is that if the demo is canon, and he did escape and the cops didn’t believe him, then did he come back again to get further proof, and ultimately recaptured. Or in fact was the first demo ending the correct one?

    Hopefully bedroom DLC explains this further.

  • The infection works via skin touching the mold or Evie as the notes say

    In the games Umbrella has a rival and the anti fungus container has a chemical company name on it. It’s more likely this company that Umbrella is chiefly rivals with, as we can draw a conclusion this company cured Lucas of the mind control. It’s probably this company that created Evie since it makes the fungus, and Umbrella II’s eavesdrop radio says Lucas is talking to this company. The notes also specifically say HTC helped make Evie. HTC is Wesker’s group.

    Mia’s buddy Allen before Evie fungus kills him said this was his fault. It’s possible the pair were stealing Evie but more likely are moving her to a new location and work with the Umbrella rival.

    Ethan is infected because he has hallucinations of things in keeping with how it works and heals fast etc. Mia, Zoe, Ethan and Lucas are all less infected than the parent Bakers, as the cure for mind control and the fungus works on them. Zoe probably has some knowledge from Lucas and exploring the wrecked Tanker where she finds a life monitor etc.
    I’m pretty sure the Redfield is Chris and not Hunk. He looks somewhat like the RE6 model, buy has the waxy complexion most of RE7 humans have