Fallout 76 Steel Reign now available; here’s what to expect

The free update comes packed with goodies.

Fallout 76 Steel Reign is now available, the RPG’s latest free content update and one that continues the storyline established in Steel Dawn. As always, Bethesda ANZ Community Manager Jonny ‘LoneVaultWanderer’ Roses has made a handy video that details all of the expansion’s features.

While LoneVaultWanderer does a spectacular job on his own, we’re helping Bethesda ANZ to break down the new content for you, below.

A continuing storyline

Steel Dawn not only brought the Brotherhood of Steel to Appalachia, but a new storyline absolutely filled with tension. Simply put, your character could choose to help or hinder the Brotherhood by siding with one of two key contacts within it: Knight Shin or Paladin Rahmani.

To recap, Rahmani is seeking to lead her own unique faction of the Brotherhood, while Shin is more traditionalist, looking to link up Appalachia’s group with the nation’s larger force.

While your choice didn’t amount to much at the end of Steel Dawn itself (darn you, Rahmani!), it will certainly have larger consequences within Steel Reign. And don’t forget about those pesky Super Mutants either… or, for that matter, disappearing citizens.

Legendary crafting and Power Armour

Steel Dawn not only brings with it Legendary crafting options but Legendary Power Armour as well.

First, Legendary crafting will provide the option to create 1-3 star items, with attributes ranging from a damage increase based on the caps in your pocket to the replenishment of Action Points with each kill you score. Moreover, Legendary items you already have can be re-rolled for new attributes.

Bethesda has also added in Legendary Power Armour because of the community’s sheer demand for it, with attributes mirroring that found within new Legendary crafted items. The power stars, the greater the benefit, of course.

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New rewards

New quests, of course, mean new rewards.

Perhaps the biggest ticket item is the new Hellcat Power Armour, shown below. A new Power Armour display — available through the new Season 5 Scoreboard named “K.D. Inkwell in Escape from the 42nd Century” — will let you show off your new suit too.

If Power Armour isn’t your thing (and we acknowledge that’s very improbable), you also have the opportunity to earn the new Face Breaker Power Fist, and other items including Brotherhood Civvies, Cryogenic Bed, Mercenary Outfit.

New (and old) places to explore

We also know from public testing that Steel Reign will come complete with new areas to explore. They include the likes of the AMS HQ, West Tek and the Uncanny Caverns.

Fallout 76 is currently available on Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S & X, PS4 and PS5. It’s available on PC and Xbox through the Xbox Game Pass subscription program.

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