Constantin Film’s Resident Evil live-action film reboot will be produced by The Conjuring‘s James Wan. The report comes by way of Deadline, which reports that Greg Russo will also pen the first rebooted film. Russo and Wan worked with one another on the

The Resident Evil live-action film universe is being rebooted after six feature films and 15 years. Variety reports that Constantin Film is looking to reboot the franchise, though further specifics were not given. It’s unclear if Paul W.S. Anderson is attached to the rebooted

It was today revealed that Resident Evil 7 will offer up select Resident Evil live-action films as pre-order bonuses to those in the USA. Those that pre-order the title from GameStop, PlayStation Network or Xbox Live in the US will receive a

Famitsu today reports that Resident Evil: Vendetta, the latest CGI film in the popular franchise, will head to theatres in Japan in May next year. From 27 May, those in Japan can head to a big-screen to watch the film, set

Celebrating 20 years of horror – in both the ‘survival’ and ‘action’ flavours – there’s no denying Resident Evil has made a great impact upon the gaming landscape. In a special series of articles, Stevivor will honour the iconic series

A new teaser trailer for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter takes Alice back to the familiar locale of Raccoon City. Check it out below: What do you think of it? The Final Chapter heads to theatres in January 2017, coinciding with

The final movie in the Resident Evil live-action series, aptly titled The Final Chapter, has just gotten its first trailer ahead of release. You can check it — and long-running protagonist Alice (actress Milla Jovovich) — out in it, below: Ali Larter (Claire