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Pokémon’s plans for real-world domination is getting one step closer with news of an actual Pokémon Gym opening in Osaka, Japan. The Pokémon Expo Gym — billed as a hands-on edutainment venue — will open 19 November in the Japanese city and will

Build-a-Bear Workshop today announced customers will soon be able to build a Pikachu. From 2016, customers will be able to make their own cuddly, stuffed Pikachu. The stuffed animal will some with a limited edition Pokémon trading card, and you

A church in Atlanta, USA is claiming that Pokémon has perverted the sexuality of teenagers. A study by the Creflo Dollar Ministry claims that the ‘perversion’ occurred between 1985 well into the 1990s, affecting those teenagers who watched it. The operation, apparently,