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How Xbox One and Windows 10 game refunds work on the Microsoft Store


In case you haven’t read Ben’s AFL Evolution review, we’ll summarise: don’t buy it. Sadly, I decided to take the plunge ahead of his write up, grabbing the game digitally via the Xbox One Store.

Thankfully, I can now refund that very same purchase.

Eligibility requirements

According to Microsoft, here are the conditions required to start the refund request:

  • Games and apps are eligible; DLC is not.
  • Games and apps are able to be refunded within 14 days of their original purchase. You cannot have used the game or app for more than two hours total.
  • You must first download and launch the game or app to then request a refund.
  • Users must wait one day before requesting a refund.

Finally, Microsoft says it “reserves the right to block access for users who abuse self-service refunds,” so don’t go crazy.

Refund process

Having played only five matches in AFL Evolution, I was well within the guidelines stated above. Getting the refund started was incredibly easy.

  • Head to accounts.microsoft.com and sign-in.
  • Head to Payment & Billing > Order History.
  • Find the game/app you wish to refund and select Request a refund.
  • You’ll have to explain why you’d like the refund. Then hit Next.

  • “To ensure a quick refund, make sure your devices are online and that you’re not using [the game or app],” Microsoft advises.


  • How long does it take to receive the refund? According to Microsoft, refunds to your credit card may take a couple days, while refunds to your Microsoft Account should be instantaneous.
  • Do I get to keep Achievements from the refunded game? Yep. I’ve 45 glorious gamerscore from AFL Evolution still on my account.
  • Does the game/app automatically uninstall from my device? Nope. You’ll have to go and do that yourself.

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