The PSN “Big in Japan” sale offers discounts on Final Fantasy, Parasite Eve and more

Thanks to reader Reptilescorpio, we've got a ton of awesome JRPG discounts on PS3 and PS Vita to share with you this arvo.

The PSN "Big in Japan" sale has slashed prices on the Final Fantasy series, the Parasite Eve series and more.

Some sale prices are as follows:


  • Zone of the Enders – HD Collection for $12 AUD
  • Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch for $7.50 AUD
  • Demon’s Souls for $7.50 AUD
  • Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition for $7 AUD
  • House of the Dead 4 for $4 AUD


  • Final Fantasy 1 PSP for $7.50 AUD
  • Final Fantasy 2 PSP for $7.50 AUD
  • Final Fantasy 3 3DS for $11 AUD
  • Final Fantasy 4 PSP (plus The After Years) for $7.50 AUD
  • Final Fantasy 5 PSOne for $7.50 AUD
  • Final Fantasy 6 PSOne for $7.50 AUD
  • Final Fantasy 7 PSOne for $7.50 AUD
  • Final Fantasy 8 PSOne for $7.50 AUD
  • Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Vita for $29 AUD
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Defenders PSP for $7.50 AUD
  • Parasite Eve 2 PSOne for $5.25 AUD
  • Parasite Eve The 3rd Birthday PSP for $15 AUD
  • Persona 2 Innocent Sin PSP for $15 AUD
  • Persona 3 PSP for $17.50 AUD
  • Trails In The Sky PSP for $17.50 AUD

What are you planning on picking up?

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