Select PSone Classics now available on PS Vita (or, a non-Vita guy tries to explain a very complicated Vita thing)

See that alternate title that I've suggested for this post? Yeah. You've been warned.

A PS Vita update released yesterday -- version 1.80 -- finally added support for the PSone Classic library, meaning Vita owners could purchase, download and play PSone games like Final Fantasy VII on their portable consoles.

Great news, right? Sort of. Apparently, Sony is pushing a list of supported PSone classics in Europe that is comprised of 129 titles, whilst the North American list features a whopping 9 games.

Now, here's where it get complicated. You are able to play titles that aren't officially supported in the lists above. If you have previously purchased a PSone classic on PS3 or PSP, you can see if it'll work on your by checking your account's download history from your Vita and downloading it again.

For other titles that can't be downloaded by the portable console, you can copy them to your Vita from your PS3... providing you have the uninstalled PSone classic on your PS3 first. Here's a tutorial video that explains this better than I can:

And there you have it. Vita fans, how'd I go at explaining a feature set that I've never seen (nor honestly understand!)?

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