343 working on Halo 2: Anniversary?

343 working on Halo 2: Anniversary?

10 July 2012

The latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine UK claims that 343 Industries, hot on the heels of their big success with last year’s Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, are about to give similar treatment to Halo 2.

“Following the success of remake Halo Anniversary, 343 Industries has now started development of Halo 2 Anniversary,” says OXMUK in its rumours area. What they don’t list, however, are any sources to back up that claim.

A Microsoft spokesman has responded with the usual line: “Our focus right now is on developing Halo 4. Beyond that, we do not comment on rumors or speculation.”

That all being said, it’s pretty much a no-brainer that 343 would follow up Halo: CEA Anniversary with Halo 2: Anniversary, right? Bring (back) on the duel-wielding!