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Monster Hunter Generations heads to 3DS this winter

Nintendo today confirmed that Monster Hunter X is heading to the west as Monster Hunter Generations. https://twitter.com/NintendoAUNZ/status/705523028189274112 Check it out below: https://youtu.be/0QXJqP8HngM Expect Monster Hunter Generations on 3DS this winter.

Monster Hunter X does away with subspecies, has more monsters instead

Monster Hunter X, unlike other recent Monster Hunter titles, won't have monster subspecies. Previous Monster Hunter games have used subspecies as a way to save...

Watch: Monster Hunter X gameplay shows new boss battles

The demo for Monster Hunter X is available now on the Japanese eShop and featrues three separate boss battles of varying difficulty. The footage below is...

Capcom bringing Monster Hunter X to 3DS later this year

In a Japanese only Nintendo Direct overnight, Capcom revealed Monster Hunter X (Cross) for Nintendo 3DS. Slated for release in Japan "Winter 2015", it will feature...