Here’s how Stevivor will be reviewing primarily online games


At 4.00 pm, Stevivor will post its review of Evolve.

With a catch.

In a world where we’ve seen nightmare launches of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, SimCity and Driveclub — at least in terms of online connectivity — we feel it prudent to give primarily online games a score in our initial reviews on the assumption they’ll perform as expected.

Essentially, our review score will have an asterisk beside it, meaning we’re quite prepared to change things if necessary.

With our reviews — especially in cases where we publish before a game is released — we’ll ensure to put the game through its online paces on the day of launch, and then report back. If required, we will follow the game through rough patches until such time we believe it stable.

Our review scores may not change, but you can bet that subsequent pieces chronicling the game’s online experience will be readily available on the site, in order for you, our readers, to make an informed purchase.

We have no reason to expect anything untoward from Evolve, but it’s primarily online nature, coupled with bad experiences from past games, means we felt it was the perfect time to roll this new structure out.

As always, we’re keen to hear what you think of the state of our reviews. Post here, and feel free to check out our post explaining our review scores.