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Review: Wreck-It-Ralph


Wreck-It-Ralph — despite what you may believe — is not for adults. It’s for children. While the movie can easily be enjoyed by parents — or simply Pixar lovers — the same cannot be said for its tie-in iOS game.

That’s not a bad thing.

Wreck-It-Ralph is comprised of three games, and from a child’s perspective, each are engaging and fun. For adults… well, they’ll come across as amusing for a minute or two, and then get a little hollow.

Fix-It-Felix Jr is ripped straight from Wreck-It-Ralph. You play as Felix, tasked with repairing damage caused by Ralph. The game has a very Donkey Kong feel to it, but isn’t too difficult to master. You move around from window to window conducting repairs. Over time, the game throws in obstacles like potted plant stands and open window shutters so you can’t move along every path. As you repair, you’re also tasked with avoiding damaged bits of building that Ralph essentially throws at you.

I got bored fairly quickly, but my test case — an 8 year old boy — certainly did not. In fact, he got mad after I dared ask to have my iPhone back.

Each of the three games comes with its own set of achievements, which will drive children to keep playing.

For some mind-boggling reason, you aren’t able to play the other two games — Sugar Rush: Sweet Climber, which is essentially a Doodle Jump clone, and Hero’s Duty, a twin-stick shooter — until you’ve completed at least one game of Fix-It-Felix. A fourth game looks as if it’ll soon be available.

In short, Wreck-It-Ralph is cheap and great for children, and if you meet both conditions you can’t go wrong. If you’re a mature-aged fan of the film, just steer clear.



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