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That’s You! Review: Most likely to amuze


Free to PlayStation Plus users from this very second, That’s You! Is Sony’s first PlayLink title and a direct competitor to the likes of similar, social games in Jackbox Games’ Jackbox Party Pack range.

It’s a very worthy competitor.

First announced at this year’s E3, PlayLink games will make use of players’ smartphones. Each title will have its own corresponding app, available for free on both the iOS and Android stores; they connect to a PS4 and allow their owners to play along. Internet isn’t required to play — the PS4 can be used as a wifi hotspot to group all of the smartphones together. Each PlayLink title will deliver its own contained experience – That’s You! it’s all about the strength of your friendships while SuperMassive’s Hidden Agenda will rely upon groupthink in a choose your own adventure-style scenario. Here, players are asked which of their group is the most likely to do or say something or act in a certain way.

To win, you’ll not only need to answer questions about your friends but predict what your friends will answer themselves. Points are awarded to those that choose the same answer as another – the more people that answer the same, the higher their point allocation. Players are also given limited-use Jokers which double any points earned during that question.

In general, there are five main types of questions: the most likely scenario, a variation using pre-selected photos, a fill in the blank question, a selfie-taking mimic question and a drawing question in the style of Jackbox’s Drawful. Players will divide their time staring at their smartphone and their TV, receiving questions via the TV and then answering (or selfie-ing or drawing) on their phone or tablet. With ten unique locals, and 1,000 questions designed around those locations, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to content. Should that not be enough, you’re also able to add your own text, photo and drawing questions into the mix.

Designed for 2-6 players, two different modes are available depending on the total number of players. Three to six players will take part in a seven-round match, with six of those rounds offering up five questions each before a final, single-question finale. In a group of two, That’s You! is more of a Match Game or Honeymoon Game exercise, seeing how well couples know one another over two shorter rounds. Online play is supported, but only with those on your Friends list.

That’s You! is best in a group of 4-6, and ideally with people you’re quite comfortable with. That said, we first played the game with a group of strangers — and after two games, we were all quite familiar with one another. As with the launch of Snapchat, taking selfies and then drawing images on them leads to a lot of hand-drawn dicks on faces; our group of strangers proved no exception to that rule. That inevitable scenario also means the game’s final round sadly falls flat; in a group of 3-6, everyone takes turns drawing on the selfies of each other… and you tend to run out of ideas when you’re on your last couple works of art.

While one of the best things about the quirky little game is its pleasant little soundtrack, the game’s host is very hit-and-miss. Sometimes, he’s genuinely funny, spouting off random stories; other times, it’s as if he doesn’t want to be there. The latter scenario may simply be due to the average game’s length — with three or more players, those seven rounds will take the better part of an hour to complete. An option to choose a three-, five- or seven-round match would be greatly appreciated.

That’s it, really, with That’s You! — it’s a no-brainer for those with a PlayStation Plus account and one to consider for those with a bunch of friends and worn out copies of Jackbox’s finest. You’ll definitely have to invest in a portable charger for your phone or tablet, though.

8 out of 10

The good

  • Free (well, hopefully. Probably?)!
  • Great fun with 2-5 of your friends.
  • The PS4-as-hotspot eliminates problems with connectivity and data caps.

The bad

  • A wishy-washy host.
  • A 3-6 person game can stretch on a bit.
  • The 3-6 person final round’s pretty lame.

That’s You was reviewed using a promotional code on PS4, as provided by the publisher. Click here to learn more about Stevivor’s scoring scale.


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