Review: SSX “Mt. Eddie” DLC

Perhaps my fondest gaming memory from E3 2011 was playing EA’s then very secretive reboot of SSX. Carving the mountains and causing avalanches, doing stupidly big jumps, the over the top sound and visuals, it was all just… perfect!

When the game launched back in February I was mildly entranced. I played it constantly, battling my friends for the top spot, and constantly smashing scores and times. However after playing the game so much there was only so many times I could run down the same routes, and as such SSX was sadly retired to the “occasionally” pile.

Well EA has released the first expansion for what I believe will go down as the best sport title of 2012, by bringing back classic characters, an insane mountain, and more beats for the already stellar soundtrack. Shipping in the form of three packs: the “SSX Classic Characters Pack”, the “Mt. Eddie Pack”, and the “Mt. Eddie & Classic Characters Bundle Pack.”

The latter is a compilation of the two former packs, and the content we’ve reviewed. Alongside the nine new drops on Mt. Eddie, you’ll also gain access to seven new characters, each with their own new Tricky moves, and three old music tracks from the previous games. The characters are a decent addition to the already bustling roster and offer a bit of a distraction if you’ve already max leveled all of the original riders.

Mt. Eddie is an incredibly complex set of runs, all of which feature insane drops and mind melting fast lines. If you’ve played the original SSX titles, seeing Mt. Eddie will bring a tear of nostalgia to your eye (if you’re a Cyclops, otherwise it’ll be two) as you race through huge explosions of fireworks and grind through a Mount Rushmore inspired display of some of the series’ most renowned characters.

While the new levels are more inclined to cater to the Trick event audience, racing down the hills as fast as possible got my heart pumping again and I was sitting on the edge of my seat as I did four million flips across the finish line… Okay, it was four million and one, but I didn’t want to brag. Despite a very linear formula, the “Mt. Eddie” DLC manages to offer enough to feel fresh whilst still remaining familiar.

The “Mt. Eddie” DLC will quell one of the biggest complaints about the reboot of this revered series: it has departed too far from the originals. Mt. Eddie not only provides to long time fans, but also gives new fans even more reason to carve the deadly descents for months to come.

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