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Review: Sports Champions 2


Zindagi Games is back with the second iteration of the PlayStation Move Sports Champions series… creatively called Sports Champions 2. The answer to Wii Sports and Kinect Sports, how does this new motion-controlled sports game fare?

Pretty damn good, actually.

Taking place over three main locations – a beach, a snow-covered mountain and a super-stadium, you’ll get to get engage in skiing, bowling, golf, boxing, tennis and the ever-popular archery event using your PlayStation Eye and Move controller.

Archery is the best game in the bunch, even if it’s a carryover from the first game; it’s such a well-designed bit of gaming that Zindagi also used the mechanics for Medieval Moves (wisely, I might add). On the other hand, tennis and golf didn’t seem to pick up my movements as often as I’d like. On the whole though, the tracking through each sport is quite refined and not as frustrating as it can be with a Kinect game and bad lighting.

Cup Mode returns from the first game, letting you take on AI challengers in a bit of a story-type mode. Your goal is to beat the ever-increasing AI difficulties being thrust upon you. Playing through Cup Mode will also unlock extra items for you to use in the new Champion Editor and Creation modes, which essentially let you create your own Sports Champion type Olympics.

Party Mode is a treasure-trove of fun; the more friends you have to beat, the merrier. In addition to just playing through events, you get to customise your Party Mode avatar by posing for shots and adding in other elements like shields and foam fingers. Best yet, after competing in events, the winner gets to use the Move controller to deface the avatars of the losers. I know it’s petty and juvenile, but it’s also very rewarding.

In short, we’ve all seen these motion-controlled games before, but not on PS3. Sports Champions 2 is a reasonably- priced Move title for gamers who don’t have a lot of good quality games available for the peripheral. It’s a no-brainer this holiday season.

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