Review: The Evil Within “The Executioner” DLC

The final piece of DLC for The Evil Within, “The Executioner” takes the game out with a whimper rather than a bang.

Unlike the game’s other two pieces of DLC, “The Executioner” places you in the shoes of The Keeper, the safe-headed antagonist seen throughout the main game. Except you’re not. In a story completely outside the main game, you actually play as a father, transplanted inside a Keeper, looking for his lost daughter within the horrific environment of STEM.

Played entirely in first-person mode, the DLC has promise… until you realise about ten minutes into its three hour campaign that you’re going to be repeating the same move over and over. In command of The Keeper’s hammer, you basically pummel bad guys. Again and again.


Moving from boss encounter to boss encounter, new weapons are offered up to you – chainsaws, traps, rockets – but nothing works quite as well as the hammer. So on your go, pummelling and pummelling.

And that’s it.

“The Executioner” has a story that’s slightly endearing, but more often forced. Shinji Mikami and crew have never been great with story, but most of this DLC’s set up is done with title cards before and after you play. It’s completely unnecessary.

Unfortunately, that assessment can be made for the DLC itself. Die-hard fans might want to give it a try simply because it’s so far from the norm of The Evil Within, but that same trait is also what makes it utterly useless.

Nice try, Tango.

Far Cry 4‘s “Escape from Durgesh Prison” DLC was reviewed using a promotional code on Xbox One, as provided by the publisher.


Review: The Evil Within ‘The Executioner’ DLC
3.5 out of 10

The good

  • Had promise…

The bad

  • Unnecessary.
  • Bland. Repetitive.

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