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Review : Mega Man Legacy Collection

Mega Man Legacy is a retro collection comprised of titles ranging from Mega Man right up to Mega Man 6. In case you’re somehow unfamiliar with the franchise, Mega Man was first released in 1986, a side-scrolling action platformer released by Capcom on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

I used to play these games for ages, and with some hindsight (and this new collection), I’m truly bewildered at how I could do so. These games are brutally unforgiving, relying on an older style of game mechanics based on learning patterns and repetitions of movement.

Over the week I spent with the game, I was frustrated beyond belief. I’m certain I dropped some swear words long forgotten from my childhood years… and in doing so, no doubt taught a few of them to my children too. Much to my wife’s disgust.

Megaman 2

Mega Man titles generally star the titular hero equipped with only his trusty Buster Gun in the outset. As he defeats bosses along his journey, he absorbs their energy and gains access to their weapons. The weapons recovered from the bosses will generally be incredibly effective against certain enemies and bosses, whilst being borderline useless against others.

There’s an element of trial and error at play and figuring out which bosses will succumb to which weapon – including the final boss fight – which is Mega Man at its core. On top of the insane difficulty level players need to mix it up and try to ascertain what’ll work and what won’t.

Priced at $23 AUD and including six games – around $4 each the bundle is great value. Each title includes a museum, collection of music and artwork that you can peruse at your own leisure. In addition, each title in the bundle features a challenge mode. Like the recently released Rare Replay’s Snapshots or the Wii U’s NES Remix challenges, the challenge mode throws a random assortment of tasks at you within levels of the game and with specific restrictions. If you though Mega Man couldn’t get any harder; think again.

Megaman 3

It’s hard to refute that this is one of the most nostalgic bundles of entertainment ever produced. Its tried-and-true 8-bit graphics and over-the-top MIDI soundtrack will immediately transport those old enough straight back to our childhoods. And at this price, it’s hardly a collection you can turn your nose at.

Mega Man: Legacy Collection is out now on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. A 3DS release follows next year.

Mega Man: Legacy Collection was reviewed using a promotional code on Xbox One, as provided by the publisher.


Review: Mega Man: Legacy Collection
7.5 out of 10

The good

  • Nostalgic and awesome.
  • Extras are worthwhile.
  • Low-cost.

The bad

  • Old-school difficulty might be too hard for today’s audiences.

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