“Valley of the Yetis” is Far Cry 4’s best piece of DLC to date… but that’s easy to say because “Escape from Durgesh Prison” was a piece of garbage.

Crash landing on a winterscape reminiscent of Ajay Ghale’s brief mountain missions in Far Cry 4, our hero is separated from his pilot and is essentially stranded. As part of this whole setup, Ajay again loses all of the things you’ve built up playing the game proper.

It sucks, and proves Ubisoft hasn’t learned any lessons from the lambasting we all gave that first bit of DLC.

Thankfully, there’s no permadeath or timer in this instalment, meaning you can tool around at your heart’s content and (re)acquire those stolen skills. Gameplay wise, it’s all that you’d expect from Far Cry 4, though liberating a relay station adds a new(ish) dimension to the game: night defence.


Oh! And Yetis. But you probably figured that one out already.

Night defence is crucial and fun, pitting you against Pagan Min’s troops a cult, plus those pesky Yetis. Depending on your skillset, some heavy cultists could prove a handfun, but the Yetis are in a class unto themselves. Even with a vehicle, you mightn’t be able to escape from their clutches. Be warned. They’re fast, they’re menacing and they’re certainly bullet sponges. You can use fire traps, minefields and mounted grenade launches to assist against all that are out for you and yours. If you’ve played the ‘defend an area’ mission in Far Cry 4 already, you’re not that far off from the concept.

Apart from, this just another set of standard Far Cry 4 missions. It’s a perfect fit for those who are craving a bit more gameplay, but isn’t necessarily required for every player. And – as weird as this sounds — kudos to Ubisoft for pulling back on the creativity for this instalment. You’ve gotten the game back to how I like it.

Far Cry 4‘s “Valley of the Yetis” DLC was reviewed using a promotional code on Xbox One, as provided by the publisher.


Review: Far Cry 4’s ‘Valley of the Yetis’ DLC
7 out of 10

The good

  • A step (back) in the right direction in terms of FC4.
  • Yetis are powerful and terrifying.

The bad

  • More of the same, really.
  • Adds nothing to Far Cry 4

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