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Review: Fallout 4’s “Vault-Tec Workshop” DLC


It’s not that Fallout 4’s latest DLC, “Vault-Tec” is bad, it’s just that it’s boring. As hell.

The second last piece of DLC planned for the game, “Vault-Tec” alerts your protagonists to the presence of a newly-discovered Vault – number 88 to be exact. From there, you basically take it over, able to build new structures, attract new Vault Dwellers and live however it is you choose.

After the stellar, story-based content that was “Far Harbour”, “Vault-Tec” simply underwhelms. A handful of fetch quests pad out limited crafting content. While you can go nuts and design a Vault any Overseer would be proud of, the content itself only asks that you explore a couple cave systems and build four experimental machines.


I’m not creative enough to want to build a maze-like Vault. When I do feel the urge, I’d rather do so in Fallout Shelter. Or in a system that feels very much like Fallout Shelter, implemented in Fallout 4. We don’t get that with Vault-Tec.

Beyond that, Vault 88 is just another settlement. As you attract Vault Dwellers, they demand bedding, food and water. I was over all that before I even finished the core game; I’m not about to serve mindless AI again.

Fallout 4 was an epic game, very much deserving of the 10/10 rating we bequeathed upon it, but its DLC offerings are another story altogether. If you have the game’s “Season Pass”, you might as well grab a couple extra new Achievements or Trophies. If you’ve been buying DLC piecemeal, leave it alone – unless, of course, you’re very much into crafting.

Fallout 4‘s “Vault-Tec Workshop” DLC was reviewed using a promotional code on Xbox One, as provided by the publisher.


Review: Fallout 4’s “Vault-Tec Workshop” DLC

The good

  • Vault Boy and Girl statues.

The bad

  • Lack of variety or anything interesting.

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