It’s Quiz Time Review: Time to buzz in

It’s Quiz Time is the latest from Snap Finger Click, a team made up of former Buzz! Developers. As you’d expect, the team delivers a solid trivia game, tweaked to fit in quite well with today’s age of livestreaming.

Available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4, It’s Quiz Time joins the likes of Jackbox Party Pack and Sony’s PlayLink in making your smartphone a controller, offering up a free companion app on iOS and Android that can be used to answer myriad questions. It’s easy to join a game; a room code is displayed on your TV screen and needs to be entered in the app.

While eight people can play locally, there’s ample support for audience participation if you choose to livestream your efforts over YouTube or Twitch. Despite the online component, actual competitors are required to be in the same space and can’t compete over the internet.

Featuring over 28,000 individual questions over 4,000 categories, you’ll struggle to get a repeat question as you play. The game also asks for contestants’ ages to better match questions to their knowledge; it’s a neat little touch.

With so many questions on offer, it’s clear Snap Finger Click found it impossible to record each and every question. In place of charismatic host, we get Salli, a creepily bodiless virtual host that comes with a flat, robotic delivery. While this development choice made it possible for Salli to verbalise every single question, Salli’s monotonous nature will quickly wear on players. That said, Snap Finger Click does its best with the technology; Salli tries to pronounce players’ names at the start of a game, asking for coaching if she’s botched it up. That simply little trick briefly makes you forget that Salli’s pretty soulless otherwise.

It’s Quiz Time goes beyond the standard multiple choice format, offering a host of other modes that help to mix things up. Rounds like Trust or Bust, where you have to answer a question correctly and also guess which of your opponents will get the same question right the fastest. Guesstimation is also quite fun, asking for a numerical answer, providing an on-screen slider to hit that mark. The most fun – and stressful – round is a game’s final one, barraging players with rapid-fire questions that require calm and focus.

If playing solo, a single-player mode pits you against host Salli, taking away points for incorrect answers and rewarding your for correct ones. It’s fairly straight-forward; nothing to write home about, but it’s there if you’ve got the trivia itch.

In the end, It’s Quiz Time is a great trivia title, losing out to games like Buzz! or You Don’t Know Jack! when it comes to its host, but easily making up for that with a variety of questions and game modes.

This one definitely gets our recommendation, especially if you’re into the genre.

8 out of 10

The good

  • So many questions!
  • Great variety of modes.
  • Livestreaming support.

The bad

  • Salli fails as a charismatic host.
  • No online play despite internet-based support.

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