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Plantronics RIG 700HD Review: A decent wireless headset

Great value for money.

Plantronics is back again with the latest in its RIG headset series, the 700HD. A PC product, I primarily tested the headset on Xbox One.

The RIG ranges continues to be quite aesthetically pleasing, with a lightweight, compact design and a customisable headband that provides three sizing options per ear: small, medium and large. My overly large ears fit quite comfortably within the headset’s cups; it’s always a good thing to play a game for a couple hours and not have to take breaks to soothe my squished appendages. The cups block a majority of background noise around you, but not so much you’re completely unaware of what’s going on around you.

Setup is easy, especially on Xbox One (though for kicks, I managed to connect the headset to PS4 and even my Switch with little effort). The wireless headset requires a USB hub that uses optical out — plug those two cables into the back of your console and you’re good to go. The only other piece of setup required is the need to plug in the headset’s microphone, a stubby, flexible little add-on that can bent and shaped to suit your needs.

While setup was a breeze, a couple features don’t work exactly as they should on Xbox One. I was able to use designated buttons on the headset to mute and unmute my mic, but volume buttons didn’t do a thing; that said, an audio mix dial, normally intended to isolate chat or in-game volume provided a bit of a workaround (especially when I wasn’t in a Party). I’m sure that’s not an issue with the RIG 700HX, the model specifically designed for the Xbox One itself.

The sound quality in the RIG 700HD is more than adequate; not ridiculously high-end but not low-end either, working well with games like Destiny 2, Gears 5 and my usual poppy preferences on Spotify. The headset says it can provide up to twelve hours of battery life on a single (microUSB-provided) charge, and I’m happy to report that to be true.

As an all in one solutions, the RIG 700HD is hard to pass up no matter the platform you prefer to play on. It’s comfortable and offers a reliable microphone and Windows Sonic-powered surround sound. At $200 AUD, the Plantronics RIG 700HD is excellent value for money and a good investment for those looking for a new long-term headset.


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