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ASTRO A10 Review: Quality at a fraction of the cost


ASTRO headsets are highly sought after, but come with a price point to match. The A10 is the brand’s first attempt at a budget headset, managing to retain the quality the brand is known for at a reduced cost.

The younger, cheaper cousin of the popular A50 range, the A10s boast high-quality plastic moulding with a bendable mic and detachable 6.5” cable, complete with volume control, that connects to Xbox One, PS4, Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Android and other handheld devices. Available in green (Xbox-focused), blue (PS4-focused) and red (PC-focused), the only difference between the headsets is that the red comes with a splitter cable for corresponding headphone and mic jacks. Its bendable mic can also be flipped up to mute.

The A10s feature moderately-sized, memory foam-laden earcups that can be moved up and down around 2 inches from their headband. The cups are snug for my oversized ears, but would suit most others with little discomfort.

Sound-wise, the $100 AUD A10s perform to the same level of quality as my ageing $260 AUD pair of Turtle Beach XO Sevens. ASTRO’s option is, at times, a bit tinnier, though those instances are occasional and hardly noticeable. Its bass is meaty, meaning the crisp gunshots of Overwatch and fisticuffs of Injustice 2 come through in enjoyable fashion. The A10’s mic proved equal to my XO Sevens, allowing me to communicate with Overwatch team members with ease.

Music and podcasts on my mobile benefited from the A10s as well, though the non-detachable mic meant I wouldn’t be rocking the headset outside the house. Those on Xbox One are also able to purchase the optional MixAmp M60, allowing for further, controller-based balancing. I hardly think its needed, especially given the settings now available on the Xbox One dash.

Overall, the A10s are a great value for $100 AUD, provided you’ve ears the size of an average person and not like Dumbo. They provide the same great features that you’ve come to expect from ASTRO, though at a fraction of the cost.

The ASTRO A10s were reviewed using a promotional headset on Xbox One and iOS, as provided by the manufacturer.

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