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Preview: The Sims 4 (and the story of Sad Keanu)


The clock has just ticked past 6 in the morning as Keanu slowly walks down the last set of stairs of his three story home. A motherlode of money has been put into this place. It’s been completely furnished from top to bottom; it’s the type of house someone could get lost in.

On the newly designed roof the floor plan has been extended out as an entertainment area. In the corner sits a stylish bar where guests will be able to mix their fancy cocktails. An elegant dining table allows friends to gather around and share stories while they eat.

Strangely, over on the opposite side, some sort of pirate ship is overlooking the rest of the neighbourhood; like it’s keeping watch over the house and the occupant. For some reason the builder forgot to put stairs that lead to the roof. Certain people may see this as a mistake, but could all this just be part of the mystery?

08-27-14_12-31 PM

Keanu heads towards the kitchen and prepares his breakfast for the morning. Oatmeal, it’s always oatmeal.

As he swallows each spoonful he wonders what to do today. Will he practice his speech in front of the mirror for hours like the previous day, or will he relax on the computer trolling the forums? Keanu enjoys the outdoors; he takes the last gulp of food and stands up – it’s time to go to the park.

Green waves of grass can be seen from end to end. There are children running around with their parents and having a blast. Keanu finds his favourite bench and sits. He thought about feeding some birds today but none could be seen.

08-27-14_12-27 PM

It’s so peaceful on this bench, but also he feels lonely – where are all the birds in this park? It’s been days since Keanu has had any interaction with another person. Between watching TV and reading books, there just hasn’t been any time to socialise; he can fix that.

On his way home Keanu walks past his neighbour’s house. With his lack of social interaction he decides to stop past and introduce himself. As he gets to the front door he knocks and waits. He knocks again, but silence; no one is home. On the front deck is a chair, so he sits and chooses to wait. Hours go by until someone finally walks up the stairs — a beautiful red headed lady. Immediately Keanu engages in conversation with her. The two walk inside the house, find a table and continue their chat.

As time goes past a few more people begin to arrive to the home. Keanu wants to make a great impression, and being the amazing cook that he is this is the perfect opportunity to impress his new lady friend. The kitchen isn’t as sophisticated as his own, but it will do. He arranges dinner for the entire household. Everyone grabs a plate and takes a seat at the dining area; a discussion begins amongst the group.

08-27-14_12-59 PM

More time goes by and as it gets further into the night people begin to disappear to bed – except Keanu and his new friend; they continue to talk. He thinks she is special, and even though it’s only been a few hours since they first met, he feels a connection.

The clock hits 4.00 am — it’s getting late. She gets up from the table and moves upstairs to the bedroom. Keanu follows.

When he arrives there he finds another man in the bedroom, he is a little confused. Keanu asks the woman about her relationship status. She is married. The lady climbs into bed with her husband and Keanu heads back downstairs and out the front door

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As Keanu walks back towards his home to get some sleep, he reflects on his eventful day — it’s been quite a ride. Even though things didn’t pan out entirely as he had hoped, in the end he did make some new friends. The sun begins to rise when he strolls up to his front door; he grabs the handle and enters the house – a new day begins.

This was my story of Sad Keanu. This was my time with The Sims 4.