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Preview: Motionsports: Adrenaline

Adren·a·line, a noun as defined by Merriam-Webster: “a substance that is released in the body of a person who is feeling a strong emotion (such as excitement, fear, or anger) and that causes the heart to beat faster and gives the person more energy.”

Not “a substance that is released in the body of a person who moves their arms occasionally and jumps once and a while and feels disconnected from the action on their TV screen.”

Straight away, you may see the problem with Ubisoft’s upcoming Xbox Kinect and PS3 Move title Motionsports: Adrenaline. Compared to Kinect Sports, or even the original Motionsports game, this one fell very flat very quickly.

At Ubinights Melbourne, we got a chance to demo Adrenaline‘s Mountain Biking, Kitesurfing and Wingsuiting modes. In real life, these sports would have your heart pounding. Via Kinect, you shifted your arms to steer, crouched or lifted your arms to lose or gain altitude, and jumped on a occasional ramp or two.

Short and sweet? The events started out as fun, but quickly it was hard to deny you weren’t doing much. Compare that to running, jumping and flailing in other motion-controlled sports titles, and what I saw of Adrenaline doesn’t really compare. It’s a shame too, with the game’s title and all.

Ubisoft’s Adrenaline website says the game has “local and online multiplayer modes with up to 4 players (challenges, races, relays, trick trails, co-op, etc.),” so maybe those modes will make the game a tad more enjoyable. Motionsports: Adrenaline will be available from 25 October 2011.


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