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E3 2015 Preview: Godzilla

Godzilla is pretty much like you’d expect it to be.

Big surprise here, but the title is a rather quirky one that places you in the talon-laden feet of Godzilla, going up against a whole bunch of other kaiju.

In a ten minute hands-on demo with the game, I controlled the lumbering beast – and newly appointed citizen of Japan – against not one kaiju, but two: Metal Godzilla and another, three-headed monster.

Looking exactly like any Power Rangers game where you’re in control of a Megazord, I used the slow, heavy Godzilla as if he were a tank. The PS4’s bumpers turned Godzilla left or right as my left-stick moved the beast through the city. Using both triggers, I could activate Godzilla’s roar, powering up attacks. Each of the controller’s face button activated a different attack, be it a light- or heavy-attack, a charge and more.


The premise appeared pretty simple: as Godzilla, I was running – scratch that, walking – in third-person around a city and tasked to beat up two monsters who’d also shown up in the same place. Godzilla was clearly the good guy, and the other two the baddies. Beat them up and save the day… while also laying waste to anything around me.

Godzilla die-hards may find the experience great, but I sure didn’t. Godzilla moved too slow, his attacks even moreso. As I moved, the city crumbled around me like paper, but without any real weight. Opponents had the same slow movements, but managed to time their attacks perfectly so I was basically juggled between them, unable to really do anything because I couldn’t break out of animations showing that I was being hit.

With games like the aforementioned Power Rangers, you usually have that Zord-like, slow-paced combat broken up with sequences where you’re a small, lithe Ranger. With some of the Warriors series – Gundam in particular – you’re a big mechanical beast, but you’re a fast-paced mechanical one, laying waste to hundreds of on-screen enemies.


This obviously isn’t the case with Godzilla. The entire game will be like the ten minutes I described. I can’t really see how there will be any other objectives, aside from ‘destroy this quickly’ or ‘beat up this dude’. As such, it’s not really for me.

But hey – let’s not be all negative, eh? Sound-wise, Godzilla sounds like Godzilla. It’s truly a tickbox for a ‘nailed it’ column. Visually, the world’s favourite monster looks right out of the movies – the most recent one, thankfully, and not the Matthew Broderick ones – as do his opponents.

Godzilla will obviously serve as a niche title, and is available now on PS3 and PS4.


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