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Stevivor.com Podcast: Episode #003

Welcome to the limited collector’s edition of the Stevivor.com Podcast 3.

This week we talk about the South Park RPG leak, a potential game, the loss of quarter of the SWTOR subscribers, Bioshock Infinite’s delay and the Prototype 2 DLC. We also have an interview with Steve Wright, iiNet’s 2012 Top Geek and talk about all the games released this week.

So have a listen and let us know your thoughts. Do you think DLC should be released close to a title launch? Do you have advice for Dave on who he should level up in Patapon 3? What do you think about the Bioshock Infinite launch move? Is Dave right with his prediction about GT5? Are Leo and Steve right with their predictions about Desmond’s ancestor in Assassin’s Creed 3.

Have a listen and post your opinions below or email us at [email protected].


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Dave Haldane

There are two things I love in life... video games and my family. I work full time as an IT manager to provide for my wife, three kids and a heavy gaming habit. I own almost every console since the Atari 7800 and am proud of my extensive collection of games.

I'm more of a single or coop player but I do dabble in multiplayer on the odd occasion. If you want to have a game or just chat feel free to add me, PM me or email me.