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Yakuza Xbox One release likely, but not “ideal” on Switch


No handheld for you.

Yakuza Xbox One release could be on the cards, but Switch owners shouldn’t hold their breath.

“We always have the optics to develop [for] multi-platform as much as possible and we know that it brings an additional audience,” Yakuza Producer, Daisuke Sato, said to Gameblog (as translated by Stevivor).

“Regarding the Xbox One, we can possibly consider it, knowing Xbox One users may be more likely to be interested in a game like Yakuza,” he continued. “This could potentially be an option.

“As far as the Switch is concerned, I’m convinced that this is the platform on which to develop Yakuza games. Maybe the public does not expect this kind of game on Switch. They are used to different games. This may not be the ideal platform.”

The next Yakuza release, Yakuza Kiwami 2heads to PS4 on 28 August.