Xbox One slow download speeds reported by many players


A case of too many popular updates?

Update 2: An Xbox representative has confirmed the issue exists.

“We are aware of and currently looking into the issue,” an Xbox Support representative told Stevivor. “We ask that you please bear with us while we do so.”

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

Update: This may be impacting Australian Xbox One owners specifically, as our friends at AusGamers have helped deduce.

The Redditors in the thread we’ve originally reported are Australian, where we’ve been able to deduce a location. Moreover, a Whirlpool thread has even more examples of players with the same issue.

We’ve gone to Microsoft for comment.

Original story: Xbox One users are currently experiencing slow downloads and are taking to social media and Reddit to complain.

I myself am impacted by the issue; while I can normally update or download titles at 15MB/second on Xbox One, my downloads are fluctuating wildly between 500KB and 3MB a second. Downloads will also intermittently drop out for long periods of time.

The usual troubleshooting — including our usual fix and our other usual fix — has proven useless. At the same time, a detailed network statistics check has shown that our Xbox is still capable of 15MB/second downloads.

Over on Reddit, a number of users have assembled to speak of the same experiences.

“My download speeds have for some reason dropped dramatically from my usual 40-60 mbps to 500kbps,” an original thread from CeasartheApeGod reads. “Anyone know why this is happening or how to fix it[?]

“Update: the download speeds have now decided to freak out. One second I’ll get 500kbps the next I’m at 230mbps and then it stops all together just to go to 14mbps and back down and start again.”

That particular user says his downloads have come right since, but other users are flocking to the thread complaining of the same issue.

While the Xbox Live service page doesn’t suggest anything is wrong with game purchases and downloads, it does say that Fortnite: Battle Royale is currently limited.

“Hello Xbox members, we’re currently experiencing an issue [with Fortnite: Battle Royale],” the service update reads. “We apologize for the inconvenience. Please check back for updates.”

“I think the network is getting hammered with everyone trying to download updates for Fortnite, Sea of Thieves and Overwatch,” a reply on the Reddit thread from Shortyxx reads (and we tend to agree with this thought). “My downloads are normally 80 – 100 Mbps.”

Fornite has recently been updated to version 3.5, while Overwatch‘s big update brings a new Archive mission, Retribution, into the fold.

Are you currently experiencing slow updates on Xbox One?