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Destiny 2: Locations, changes to the Director detailed


Today’s early morning Destiny 2 reveal has shed light on in-game locations and the way we’ll access them.

First, the Director has been overhauled, meaning long load times in orbit are a thing of the past. Instead, players can pick a landing zone and “seamlessly jump” into activities in-game, it was today revealed.

A number of locations were also revealed in this morning’s event: Earth, Saturn’s moon Titan, Jupiter’s moon Io and another planet called Nessus. It’s unclear if the latter is the minor centaur planet 7066 Nessus, though it’s doubtful — in real life, that planet is covered in ice. Screenshots sent from Activision Blizzard today show planets that are anything but.

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In the livestream, Nessus was described as “strange and unstable”, occupied by the Vex. Cayde-6 also calls the planet his temporary home after the Guardians were ousted from The Last City.

Commander Zavala is appropriately on Titan (get it?), a liquid planet with Golden Age platforms that are used to travel along it.

The last member of the Vanguard, Ikora Rey, is on Io. Bungie said the moon is the last site the Traveller visited during the Golden Age. Think there are some unresolved mysteries still there?

Finally, Guardians will fight within the European Dead Zone on Earth, the game’s “largest destination”, according to Bungie.

Stay tuned for more on Destiny 2. The title heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 in September, though the PC version may be delayed.