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Watch: Lego Worlds sneaks on to Steam Early Access

Lego Worlds, a procedurally generated Lego building simulator not dissimilar to Minecraft (which has long been considered not dissimilar to Lego itself) arrived unannounced on Steam Early Access today. Surprise announcements are usually the domain of E3, but I guess Warner Bros Interactive and TT Games couldn’t wait those long two weeks. Check out the launch trailer.

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Much as Minecraft used a form of early access to shape the game, Lego Worlds plans to have an extended period of time in which players can contribute to how the game is developed. Right now the game features the ability to alter environments and of course, build whatever you like brick by brick, with more Lego building sets and multiplayer functionality promised in the future.


It will be interesting to see where this goes, obviously Lego is a huge brand and Minecraft a massive force in gaming, especially among the age groups that make up Lego’s prime demographic (aside from adults buying several hundred dollar replica Star Wars ships, of course). Whether the Lego brand is enough to move kids on, and if Lego Worlds spreads from PC to mobile and console remains to be seen. Perhaps being tied to such a brand will hold Lego Worlds back from innovation or restrict some of the creativity Minecraft has bred. Lego Worlds is available now through Steam Early Access for $14.99 USD.

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