Warframe New War expansion gets gameplay reveal, details of cross-play

Fans were finally given their first look at the upcoming content.

This past week, Digital Extremes gave fans an update on the upcoming Warframe The New War expansion. The update event, called TennoCon 2021, took place on 17 July and included a new look at the upcoming expansion, as well as some exciting news for the future of Warframe in general.

Some explosive new content on showcase

Broadcasted live on Twitch, the preview for the upcoming expansion was an interactive preview event that ran for almost 30 minutes. Showing off The New War, Digital Extremes also revealed that Corpus Engineer Veso, Grineer Soldier Kahl-175 and even fan-favourite Dax warrior Teshin will all be playable in a Quest for the first-time ever.

Additionally, Digital Extremes managed to continue its tradition of bringing the Warframe community together. This was done by having a one-time only, in -game relay event that provided an immersive reminder of some of the most shocking and crazy plot moments to date as well as an unexpected first-ever look at Nidus Prime and a classroom of Tenno inside the fabled Zariman.

The biggest talking points from the preview

Cross-save and cross-play functionality, currently in development, were a focus of the event. The features will empower players to seamlessly work with its Origin System. Additionally, players will be able to matchmake with others across every platform that Warframe is available on. Digital Extremes’ showcase also proves it is committed to supporting the title on all platforms. During the its LiveStream, the developer that all future updates will be released simultaneously for all platforms. Therefore Xbox, Playstation and Switch players as will have access to The New War at launch alongside PC.

Digital Extremes also surprised viewers by confirming that Warframe is already working on mobile devices and is actively in development. Chief Operating Officer Sheldon Carter stated that this decision was inspired by wanting to emphasise the importance of the community aspect of Warframe.

“Community is incredibly important to us and opening up cross-play and cross-save is just one of many more efforts we’ll take on to bring more players together including extending Warframe’s fast, fluid, action combat experience to other global gaming platforms,” Carter said.

With the recent news being received well by fans, the future of Warframe looks bright. Gamers are eagerly anticipating the upcoming expansion. Will it live up to the hype though? Let us know in the comments below if you’re excited for what’s to come.

Warframe is currently available on Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 and Switch. The New War and all associated bells and whistles are expected later this year.

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