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Video game voice actors reject pay rise, will go on strike later today

SAG-AFTRA, the union that represents video game voice actors has advised that its members will go on strike today after rejecting a pay rise offered by the Interactive Video Game Companies.

The VGC offered voice actors a 9% raise that “accelerates the 3 percent annual increase sought by SAG-AFTRA negotiators over a three-year period,” according to a statement by the organisation.

The publishers also offered up to $950 USD more per game, dependant on how many sessions a voice actor participates in. A day-rate rise for a four-hour session was also offered, at up to $900 USD.

SAG-AFTRA rejected the offer, essentially saying it doesn’t address the concerns raised over equal treatment to Hollywood live-action actors. As such, they’ll begin strike actions on 21 October in the USA.

We reported on the potential strike action last week.


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